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The best beauty ritual for nourished, healthy and eternally beautiful hair.


What is sustainability?

Sustainability is thinking about how to reduce a product's impact on the environment, such as reducing the use of plastic, choosing reusable packaging, reducing the carbon footprint, supporting local production, participating in environmental initiatives.

“Nature is inexhaustibly sustainable if we care for it. It is our universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth onto future generations.”

Sylvia Dolson

Looking beyond those products that simply care for and beautify us, is a flow towards Conscious Beauty. And in that moment, the will to safeguard our own health and that of the planet come together and help sustain a common future.

TEKNIA is the challenge

It’s a new way of thinking about the nature of haircare products and generating real beauty rituals.

The Universe of

We believe
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Argan Oil

For normal hair prone to dryness

ARGAN OIL from TEKNIA is inspired by the horizons of African lands. The hair's shine, elasticity and softness is restored. The hair comes back to life.

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Organic balance

all hair types

Hydrates and maintains the natural, healthy balance of your hair.

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Full defense

stressed hair

A total protection screen against the harmful effects of our surroundings.

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Frizz Control

frizzy hair

Puts an end to frizz and tames rebellious hair.

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Body Maker

fine hair

Resistant to breakages and there is a recharging effect that creates a feeling of thickness and volume.

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Deep Care

damaged hair

Restores and rebuilds hair fibre, gives strength and increases resistance with extra shine.

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Color stay

color-treated hair

Protects colored hair from the effects of the sun, loss of color and free radicals.

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White silver

blonde, highlights & white hair

Gives blonde hair back its cool luminosity and revives purity to white hair.

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Perfect Cleanse

all hair types

Gently gives the hair and scalp a deep wash. Micelles capture impurities without damaging the hair.

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Color refresh

color-treated hair

Revives, prolongs color and adds an extraordinary touch of shine.

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Collection Creators

“TEKNIA is another step”

Julia Dolgaleva & Maria Averianova, Moscow, Russia
Julia Dolgaleva & Maria Averianova, Moscow, Russia

“Realizing that eco-friendly production is the main challenge of modern society, we believe that new TEKNIA is another step to the green planet.

New TEKNIA meets modern human’s needs, combining multifunctional hair care products and respect for the environment.”

“TEKNIA inspires me”

Enrique Serrano, Bilbao, Spain
Enrique Serrano, Bilbao, Spain

“As a stylist, it motivates me to make people feel better by practicing good haircare. My concern and sense of responsibility for the environment forces me to choose products that preserve the world in which we live.

With TEKNIA I found what I was looking for efficiency of the product and respect for the environment, a sustainable world, products that respect the planet, and conscious beauty. This was the inspiration that led me to the collection.”

“Conscious beauty is my choice”

Wendy Bond, New York, USA
Wendy Bond, New York, USA

“To me Conscious Beauty is a choice that I look for in my personal and professional beauty products.

I prefer to use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. It's important that products are safe and free from any harmful chemicals, but still deliver outstanding results.

Choosing sustainable products allow me to pamper myself and my clients while feeling good caring for the planet at the same time.”

“Vegan & organic!”

Isaura Mejías, San José, Costa Rica
Isaura Mejías, San José, Costa Rica

“TEKNIA was rethought, leading into a new organic, vegan and sustainable line for a healthy hair.

I feel TEKNIA is beauty that inspires with its freshness and evocative fragrances, taking care for every detail, for every ingredient.

For me, using TEKNIA means caring for the hair and for the planet’s future.”

“TEKNIA, the perfect balance”

Hany Aziz, Cairo, Egypt
Hany Aziz, Cairo, Egypt

“I believe new TEKNIA find the perfect balance between an elegant design and ECO-FRIENDLY materials and production.

I feel very comfortable using TEKNIA new lines, carefully devised to satisfy all kind of customers’ hair types.

The new Organic Balance line with the percentage of natural derived ingredients up to 99% is very interesting and competitive in my market compared to other natural brands.”

“TEKNIA inspires”

Maurizio Lombardo, Milan, Italy
Maurizio Lombardo, Milan, Italy

“I feel inspired by TEKNIA for its innovative philosophy, becoming a reference of beauty haircare.

It is a range of incredible products for impeccable styles and beautiful hair.

I use sustainable products to respond to the market ethical needs. Customers are increasingly demanding green products.

With TEKNIA and "Inspiring Conscious Beauty", Lakmé has elevated the subtle art of hair design to something superior and desired. TEKNIA inspires this feeling.”

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